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Residence Hall

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Pioneer Hall

Floor Plan

Completed in the fall of 2003, this two-story hall is the latest edition to the campus of MCC, inviting students to take part in the new environment offered by this building; an experience that goes beyond just the foundation and the walls.

Dorm 1

Hall Features

  • Free Laundry Facilities
  • Double Rooms (available as single if space is available)
  • Access to vending machines
  • Common Area on 2nd floor
  • Kitchen on 1st floor
Dorm 2

Room Features

  • Wardrobe for each resident
  • Shared private bathroom for every two rooms
  • Extended length twin beds (able to be bunked)
  • Sink
  • Phone lines for each resident
  • High Speed Internet access
  • Cable Television

The Lodges (Yellowstone, Powder River, Sunday Creek)

Named for the ability for four residents to live together in an apartment setup, the Quads offer a unique living atmosphere on-campus. Each ‘quad’ has a central living space including a kitchen area, a shared bathroom, and two individual bedrooms.

Quad 1
Quad 2

Lodges Features

  • Wardrobe for each resident
  • Twin beds (able to be bunked)
  • Full bathroom for every quad
  • Cable Television
  • Phone lines for each resident
  • High Speed Internet access
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Living area (unfurnished shared space)
  • Desks
Cafe 1

Cafe 2

2018-2019 Dining Costs: (Per Semester)

Meal Plan A: $1,695
Meal Plan B: $1,505
Meal Plan C: $1,330

*Meal plans will be automatically assessed each semester and may not be carried over from semester to semester or transferred to another student. No unused amount of the meal plan will be refunded. Students are encouraged to budget throughout each semester.

2018-2019 Residence Hall Costs

Pioneer Hall
  • Pioneer Hall double: $1,445 per semester**
  • Pioneer Hall Single: $2,725 per semester**
Lodges: (2 bedrooms per unit)
  • Lodges Double: $1,910 per semester**
  • Lodges Single: $2,725 per semester**
**$200 deposit due prior to moving into Pioneer Village (includes a $50 non-refundable cleaning fee)

Residence Life