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MCC Announces Fall Enrollment Increase, Record Retention Rates

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MILES CITY, MONTANA: Miles Community College (MCC) welcomed a larger number of students this fall semester, which began September 7, boasting an overall enrollment increase over the previous year. MCC’s fall headcount is up 43 students (7.9%) over last fall’s census, for a total of 585 students. Similarly, the total Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) enrollment for fall is 392.54 students, up from 368.4 a year ago (6.6%).

Over 86% of the fall student population are Montana residents, with the headcount including 505 Montana students – a 9% increase over resident enrollment in fall 2021. Of those 505 students, 116 are Custer County residents.

“I am so excited about our tremendous fall enrollment numbers,” commented Dr. Ron Slinger, President of Miles Community College. “This is a clear sign that our students, their families, and the communities we serve see tremendous value in what MCC provides.”

MCC also saw record increases in the fall-to-fall retention rate (measure of students who return for their second year). Over 65% of first-time, full-time students returned to MCC for their second year, which is the highest rate in over 12 years. Overall retention sits at 60.29% - which is again, the highest overall retention rate in recent history.

“This is the number we are really most excited about,” stated Erin Niedge, MCC Dean of Enrollment Management and Educational Support Services. “An increase in enrollment is always a good thing, but to have so many first-time students return shows that they value what we are doing here at MCC. It reflects our focus on student success–we want students to stay, graduate, and achieve their educational and career goals.”

Slinger also acknowledged the overall campus efforts contributing to the growth. “We have a thriving campus environment thanks to the hard work of our faculty and staff in the recruitment and retention of students.”

Other highlights from the fall 2022 enrollment census at MCC include:

  • 122 early admit and dual-enrolled high school students, a 23% increase over Fall 2021
  • 55 students enrolled in Ag-related programs (Agriculture, Equine Studies, Range Management, Animal Science, etc.), an increase of over 50% since Fall 2021
  • 57 students in Business and Accounting programs, a 21% increase over Fall 2021
  • 162 students living on campus, resulting in a 91% occupancy rate in campus housing
  • 17 international students from 6 different countries
  • Increased overall enrollment in short-term and workforce-focused courses and programs, including CDL, EMT, and the newly launched Workforce Solutions Program

Final fall enrollment numbers for community colleges in Montana are tallied at the end of the semester term in December, and there is still time to enroll in several specialty programs at the college. Enrollment remains open at MCC for the fall semester mini-session, which begins October 26, with course offerings available in Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), and Meat Processing.

For additional information regarding MCC or MCC enrollment initiatives, please contact Dean Erin Niedge at or call 406.874.6211.

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