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Let us walk you through the process!

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Contact Information:
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Office: (406) 874-6101

 Step 1: Apply for Admission

Whether you are a first year college student, an international student, a transfer student, a non-degree seeking student, or a high school student, you must first complete an application.


 Step 2: Submit Supporting Documents

Please submit the following documents based on your status

First Year Students
  • $30 application fee(Waived for Montana residents)
  • High School, home school, or high school equivalency transcript
  • Immunization records (proof of two doses of measles and rubella)
  • ACT or SAT scores, optional
  • Official college transcripts, if applicable
Non-Degree Seeking Student
  • Unofficial Transcripts demonstrating pre-requisite fulfillment, if applicable
  • ACT or SAT scores, optional
Jump Start or Pioneer Express Student (High School Students)
  • High School, home school, or high school equivalency transcript
  • ACT or SAT scores, optional
  • Placement Test scores
International Student
  • $30 application fee
  • Immunization records
  • High School, home school, or high school equivalency transcript
  • ACT or SAT scores, optional
  • Official college transcripts, if applicable
Additional requirements for International Students

 Step 3: Apply for Financial Aid, optional

Although this is optional, we encourage all students to apply for any grants or scholarships that may be available.      


 Step 4: Apply for Campus Housing

All students under 21 years old are required to live on campus. All students 21 and older are automatically exempt from the residential life requirement. Other exemptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis. If you are unable to complete the application online, please call Jessica Lofland at 406-874-6480.


 Step 5: Apply for Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration(SOAR).

All new students are required to attend an Orientation session before they register for their first semester courses at Miles Community College. By completing a SOAR session, students and their families can be assured that all required college business is taken care of prior to arriving on campus for classes, making the transition to college life much less stressful!

Not required for non-degree seeking students and high school/Pioneer Express Program students.


 Step 6: Complete HAVEN and Alcohol.Edu.

We make it a goal to take care of our own here at MCC and we want to do everything in our power to ensure our campus remains a safe place for our students to live, work, and grow. To help us meet that goal all incoming students are required to take an online training before coming to campus. This training is called AlcoholEDU.

AlcoholEDU provides detailed information about alcohol and the effects it has on the mind and body. We know that many students choose not to drink while in college so while you might not think a student needs to know this information, this training helps our students develop skills to handle situations involving their peers and their use of alcohol.


 Step 7: Attend Welcome Wagon

MCC Dean of Student Engagement and Auxiliary Services Richard DeShields works hard to ensure that students have a great time during the week, "Welcome Wagon is meant to help with the transition of students to MCC and Miles City. By providing these social events, it allows our students to connect with one another and to become familiar with the College and the Community. Research indicates that students are more successful if they connect early and get involved within the college and Welcome Wagon helps initiate this involvement."


 Step 8: Begin Classes!

Welcome to the Pioneer family.

We are so excited to have the opportunity to be a part of your future.

Miles Community College subscribes to the philosophy of a comprehensive community college, including an "open door" admissions policy designed to encourage all adults to continue their education.

The commitment to an open door admissions policy is defined as providing all eligible students with access to an appropriate educational offering at the College. The College reserves the right to guide students into the courses and programs that will enhance their opportunities for success.