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Counseling Services

Miles Community College provides access to counseling. Counseling is offered on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 8:00am-12:00noon. Counseling services are intended to provide support in helping students balance intellectual, emotional, interpersonal and developmental needs.

All currently enrolled MCC students are eligible for counseling sessions regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or progress toward academic degree. Students needing extensive and/or long-term counseling, or those who cannot attend the in-person sessions during the times offered may be referred to another community's support agencies.

Current services are provided through a partnership with One Health. We also have a network of private practice counselors located in the Miles City area. Access to this network is given by the Dean of Student Engagement and Auxiliary Services or designee. Referrals by the Dean are confidential and not part of the student’s educational record.

To schedule an appointment, a student can stop by the Student Services desk to schedule. For students completing their first appointment, they must complete a patient intake form that will be shared with One-Health to establish patient records.

The Dean of Student Engagement and Auxiliary Services is located at Student Services or can be reached at 406-874-6226.