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Conferences & Workshops

Teachers Institute

It is a mission of Miles Community College to offer affordable recertification training for the teachers in Montana (2018 Brochure). We offer two-day courses, as well as online courses, which allow instructors the opportunity to receive their training at home.

Miles Community College also offers onsite trainings ranging from leadership skills, motivation of students, technology training, or special needs in education. If you are interested in a one or two-day training for your teachers during your PIR trainings, we would be more than happy to design a course to meet your needs.

To register, return the completed registration form from the brochure and the Non-Degree Seeking Application to Carolyn Kimball at Miles Community College, 2715 Dickinson St, Miles City, MT 59301.

Please let us know how we can best assist you with your teacher training and recertification needs by e-mailing Carolyn Kimball at - phone# 1-406-874-6164 or 1-800-541-9281, ext. 6164.

To register for online courses, log on to For questions contact Carolyn Kimball at - phone# 1-406-874-6164 or 1-800-541-9281, ext. 6164


MCC Educator's Conference

Miles Community College invites you to attend the 2017 Educators Conference. We are pleased to welcome you to our campus.

This year’s conference will be offering a variety of topics and workshops will be offered in ½ day, 1 day and 2 day blocks.

This conference is offered for either OPI renewal units or for one undergraduate credit. OPI renewal units are issued for the hours you attend, one unit per hour attended. To obtain credit, participants must attend two full days of workshops and write a short paper. The subject of the paper is how you plan to apply the information gained at the conference to your professional life. The paper, which only needs to be a page in length, is due on November 10, 2017. You may mail, e-mail or drop your paper off at the Academic Affairs office, Room 209.

If you would like to present a workshop or have a suggestion for the 2017 conference, please feel free to contact Carolyn Kimball at We are always looking for conference instructors as well as ways to improve our programs to meet all your education needs.

2017 Professional Educators Conference Brochure

2017 Professional Educators Conference Registration

Available Offerings

Writing through Constraint w/Dr. Molly Ann Magestro
OuLiPo (an acronym for the French Ouvroir de littérature potentielle, which can be roughly translated as the “workshop for potential literature” is a loose literary movement that grew out of the 1960s in which the members use constraints to guide the production of their written works. This half-day workshop will explore the literary movement that inspired it, provide opportunities to craft our own constrained writing, and create a space for discussion of how this type of writing, this approach to writing, can relate back to the work we are all doing in our writing classrooms.

Mindfulness in the Classroom w/Jeannie McIsaac-Tracy
Focus. Awareness. Accountability. Resilience. When present, these elements help students thrive in the classroom and open up the space for learning and growth to happen. Introducing the elements of mindfulness into the classroom and teaching students to develop the skill of mindfulness increases success for both the teacher and the students. Mindfulness, broken down into a simple definition, is the ability to be present and experience life in the here and now. It gives both teachers and students the ability to be more in control of their attention, communication, decision-making, and relationships.. which in turn impacts the academic success and mindset of both the student and the teacher.

Class Dojo: Management to Portfolios w/Janell Asbury
Building a positive classroom community with Class Dojo. In this training session, teachers will learn how to use ClassDojo to give students regular feedback, keeping their classroom managed and students motivated. Teachers will learn how to setup and customize ClassDojo to encourage and engage students -- and learn why students love earning Dojo points!

What Part of Math Don’t You Understand? w/Stan Taylor
The goal of the class is to develop simple ways to transfer given concepts to young minds. By confronting and mastering the simplified concepts, students set themselves up for mathematical success at the college level.

Getting Started with Google Classroom w/Kim Smith
Google Classroom is a G-Suite application designed to help teachers digitally manage student work and information sharing. Many teachers have heard of it but are unsure how to get started. In this session, we will explore all of the features Google Classroom has to offer, and leave with at least one classroom set up and ready to use. *NOTE* Participants must have a Google account through their schools to have access to Google Classroom. Personally, created accounts do not have access to this application.

Bringing Yellowstone Nat’l Park to the Classroom w/ Liz Lawrence
Learn about the world’s first national park. Gather information and participate in “hands on” activities that will help you bring this experience into your classroom.

Small Group Instruction for the Youngest Learners Janell Asbury
Teaching small group in your primary classroom can be a daunting task. How do you manage it, how do you organize it? What are other students doing? Etc. etc. In this class, we will look at different types of small group management and approaches to small groups. We will talk about the organization, materials, etc. We will take time to develop a small group plan that works best for each teacher.

Mens Basketball Coaching Clinic w/Coach Chase Tait
Class will cover basic concepts of coaching basketball and discuss offense, defense, SLOBS, BLOBS, and putting together a program. Participants will also be able to attend a two-hour MCC Men’s Basketball practice, with a Q&A session afterwards.

Making the Most of Google Chrome w/Kim Smith
Google Chrome is quickly becoming a favored web browser, especially in education, but where do you start? This course will provide you with an introduction to Google Chrome that will separate its purpose and capabilities from G-Suite features. We will also explore how to customize features in Chrome to fit your needs in the classroom, including how to add bookmarks, apps, and extensions that will enhance your web-browsing experience.

Exploring the Art of Batik w/Donna Faber
Students will learn the art of Batik, which is a dye/wax resist process of painting on fabric. We will discuss the traditional process of Batik, but will actually take a more non-traditional, modern approach to creating an image on a variety of natural-fibered fabric. Fabric, dyes and wax will be provided.

Love and Logic: Taking Back Control of the Classroom w/Pete Bruno
Time: all day Thursday and Friday Useful for teachers, paraprofessionals, volunteer-leader, and administrators, this workshop is designed for teachers by schoolteachers and a school psychologist. . Teachers taking this class for credit and hours will have time to write a multi-part essay covering each module, and write a concrete example of how they might use the described skill in their school situation (administrator, teacher, paraprofessional, or volunteer-leader).

Ecological Literacy w/Daniel Lolos
“To teach others ecological consciousness, we must first develop it within ourselves.” An opportunity to read, write, and share our reflections upon short stories, poems, and essays carefully selected from library works of, Henry David Thoreau, Wendell Berry, Rachel Carson, John Muir, Albert Howard, and Ralph Waldo Emerson. Its purpose is to enhance our understanding of nature, our relation to it, and explore writing critical to environmentalism. Ecological Literacy equips students with the knowledge and competencies necessary to address complex and urgent environmental issues in an integrated way, and enable them to help shape a sustainable society that does not undermine the ecosystems upon which it depends.

Bringing Nature Back into the Classroom w/Daniel Lolos
During the half-day trip we will complete 2-3 outdoor laboratory activities that translate well into high school level Earth Science and Biology courses. Transportation to the field site is limited. Overflow participants can rideshare or provide their own transportation to the site. The class is subject to cancellation due to inclement weather.

Emerging Trends in K-12 Education w/Tim Foster
Explore social networks, mobile devices, and a variety of open and free resources. There are several trends that will change the shape of Education.



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