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A.A. Equine Management

Equine Management

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The Equine Management program is designed to give a broad base for any equine field and to transfer to a four-year program in Equine Science. There is no expectation that a student in the program will need a horse; thus, the Equine program fee is not applicable.

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  • Associate of Arts
    Equine Management

    This two-year transfer degree is designed to give students a foundation in equine science and the ability to apply that knowledge in a practical manner. Graduates will be prepared for a career in equine business and management, breeding, nutrition, and allied industries such as sales, feed, tack and equipment.
    Equine Management - Horses

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    Required Core - 60 Total Credits

    First Year - Fall Semester     (16) Credits
    College Writing I   (3)
    Introduction to Equine Studies  (4)
    Contemporary Mathematics  (3)
    Intro to Statistics  (3)
    Western Civilization I  (3)
    Intro to Animal Science  (3)
    First Year - Spring Semester     (14) Credits
    Horse Conformation  (2)
    Horse Conformation Lab  (2)
    Discover Biology  (3)
    Discover Biology Lab  (1)
    Intro to Computers  (3)
    *Oral Communications Requirement   (3)
    Second Year - Fall Semester     (15) Credits
    Intro to Ag & Env Resources  (1)
    Functional Anatomy of Domestic Animals  (3)
    Anatomy of Domestic Animals Lab  (1)
    Intro to General Chemistry  (3)
    Intro to General Chemistry Lab  (1)
    Livestock Feeding & Nutrition  (3)
    *Humanities Core Requirement  (3)
    Second Year - Spring Semester     (15) Credits
    General Psychology  (3)
    *Humanities Core Requirement  (3)
    *Social Science Core Requirement  (3)
    WRIT *Written Communications Core Requirement  (3)
    Directed Elective: additional *Humanities Core   (3)
    Upon completion of this program
    graduates will be able to:
    • Identify breeds of horses and selection for specific uses;

    • Quantify basic horse conformation while stressing the importance of form to desired function;

    • Identify the fundamentals of equine anatomy and diseases;

    • Apply basic horse care and nutrition principles;

    • Demonstrate writing and mathematical skills for business application.