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A.A.S. Radiologic Technology
In Association with Highlands College of Montana Tech - AAS degree awarded by Highlands

Rad Tech

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A limited number of students are admitted spring semester of each year. If the number of qualified applicants exceeds the available space, not all qualified applicants will be accepted. Since the competitive selection is based on GPA, students with higher GPAs are more likely to be accepted.

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    Radiologic Technology

    This program is in collaboration with Highlands College of Montana Tech to offer courses for students wishing to pursue an AAS in Radiologic Technology. This program allows students to take their first semester of courses at MCC before application to the program. If accepted into the Highlands College program, students will take online Radiologic Technology courses offered through Highlands College and face-to-face portions of the courses held in Miles City. Formal application to the Highlands College Radiologic Technology program is completed during the fall term of each school year. MCC students are given preference to the competitive MCC program when their application is signed and approved by the Radiologic Technology Academic Advisor at MCC. If accepted into the program, the student will become a student of Highlands College. After acceptance in the program, all registration of classes, financial aid, and scholarships will be administered by Highlands College and Montana Tech. Students completing the two-year AAS degree must sit for a national certification test before they may enter the workforce.
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    Required Core - 75/78 Total Credits

    First Year - Fall Semester     (18/21) Credits
    Human Anatomy & Physiology I  (3)
    Human Anatomy & Physiology I Laboratory  (1)
    Intro to General Chemisry  (3)
    Intro to General Chemisry Lab  (1)
    College Writing I  (3)
    College Algebra  (4)
    Introduction to Diagnostic Imaging  (3) *
    Intro to Computers  (3)
    First Year - Spring Semester     (18) Credits
    Human Anatomy & Physiology II  (3)
    Human Anatomy & Physiology II Lab  (1)
    Patient Care in Radiology  (3) *
    Radiographic Methods  (3) *
    Radiographic Imaging I  (4) *
    Radiographic Clinical I  (4) * **
    Summer Term     (10) Credits
    Radiographic Clinical ED II  (10) * **
    Second Year - Fall Semester     (16) Credits
    Radiobiology/Radiation Protection  (2) *
    Radiographic Imaging II  (3) *
    General Psychology  (3)
    Radiographic Clinical III  (8) * **
    Second Year - Spring Semester     (13) Credits
    Introduction to Philosophy & Biomedical Ethics  (3)
    Radiographic Imaging III  (2) *
    Radiographic Registry Review  (2) *
    Radiographic Clinical IV  (6) * **

    * Web-based course offered through Highlands College with face-to-face at MCC
    ** Hospital based course
    The plan of study includes 18 credits for the first fall semester plus a 3 credit computer class that must be completed before application to the Radiologic Technology program. At MCC, Intro to General Chemistry with lab is a pre-requisite for Human Anatomy and Physiology I with lab. These credits are the basis for selecting students into the program. All pre-requisites can only be repeated once. The minimum selective GPA for consideration into the program is 2.75. Other selection criteria include computer proficiency demonstrated by completion of CAPP 120 Introduction to Computers, a successful challenge of the course, or a similar course approved by academic advisor.