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A.S. Medical Laboratory Technician
In Association with Bismarck State College(BSC) - A.S. degree awarded by BSC

Med Lab Tech

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This program is in association with Bismarck State College(BSC). The AS degree is awarded by BSC, but the courses are completed at MCC.
The MLT program is highly selective with a limited enrollment. Selection depends upon academic preparation and early date of application. An interview with program officials is required prior to acceptance. The purpose of the interview is to assist students in making the right career choice and to design a curriculum plan that affords the greatest opportunity for success. Students are required to earn a "C" or higher in all prescribed courses and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.00 to successfully complete the program.

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  • Associate of Science
    Medical Laboratory Technician

    The mission of the Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) program is to provide a high quality, learning-centered education in medical laboratory theory and practice that maximizes student learning and makes students partners in their education. Medical laboratory technicians, under supervision of a physician or medical laboratory scientist, perform general laboratory tests that aid physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

    Goals of the Medical Laboratory Technician program are to:
    • Train competent MLTs with the knowledge and skills necessary for entry-level proficiency in all areas of medical laboratory science.
    • Provide a two-year associate degree program for students in the region.
    • Operate a program in which a maximum number of credits will fulfill requirements for four-year Medical Laboratory Science programs in the region.
    The curriculum allows a student to meet employment and transferability goals. Students receive both theoretical and experiential study, including an internship through clinical affiliate Holy Rosary Healthcare in Miles City, MT.

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    Required Core - 87 Total Credits

    First Year - Fall Semester     (15) Credits
    Phlebotomy Fundamentals  (3)
    Phlebotomy Fundamentals Lab  (1)
    Intro to General Chemistry/Lab  (4)
    College Chemistry I/Lab  (4)
    College Algebra  (4)
    Social Science Elective - Diversity  (3)
    (ECNS 201 or SOCI 101)
    First Year - Spring Semester     (17) Credits
    Human Anatomy & Physiology I  (3)
    Human Anatomy & Physiology I Laboratory  (1)
    College Writing I  (3)
    Intro to Organic & Biochemistry  (3)
    Intro to Organic & Biochemistry Laboratory  (1)
    Intro to Public Speaking  (3)
    Introduction to Ethics  (3)
    Second Year - Fall Semester     (14) Credits
    Introduction to Medical Laboratory Science  (1) *
    Urinalysis  (1) *
    Clinical Parasitology  (1) *
    Intro to Business Writing  (3)
    Microbiology for Health Sciences  (3)
    Microbiology for Health Sciences Lab  (1)
    Human Anatomy & Physiology II  (3)
    Human Anatomy & Physiology II Lab  (1)
    Second Year - Spring Semester     (15) Credits
    Immunology  (4) *
    Hematology  (3) *
    General Psychology  (3)
    Arts/Humanities Elective  (3)
    Enrichment (see advisor)  (2)
    Summer Semester     (9) Credits
    Clinical Chemistry I  (3) *
    Clinical Microbiology I  (3) *
    Clinical Internship I  (1) *
    Clinical Internship II  (2) *
    Third Year - Fall Semester     (17) Credits
    Immunohematology  (3) *
    Clinical Chemistry II  (3) *
    Clinical Microbiology II  (3) *
    Clinical Internship III  (3) *

    * Bismarck State College course
    • The program course requirements are presented in sequence. Part-time students and others who cannot follow the sequence should check course descriptions in this Miles Community College Catalog and the Bismarck State College Catalog to determine prerequisites and, in addition, should consult their academic advisor regarding the order in which they may take courses.
    • Medical laboratory science is a demanding field. Success depends on self-discipline, self-motivation, self-reliance, integrity and the ability to work independently to solve problems and produce accurate laboratory results under stressful conditions. A strong science background with high school classes in chemistry, biology, and algebra is recommended.