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C.A.S. Heavy Equipment

CAS Heavy Equipment

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The program course requirements are presented insequence. Part-time students and others who cannot follow this sequence should check course descriptions in the catalog to determine prerequisites and should consult their academic advisor regarding the order in which they take classes.

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    Applied Science
    Heavy Equipment

    This program provides students with practical skills for enhanced employment opportunities in heavy equipment operations, such as mining, construction, oil fields, etc. Students receive classroom training as well as many hours of instruction in the field operating a variety of heavy equipment machinery. The nationally recognized competency-based curriculum built upon industry standards is from the National Center for Construction Education and Research.
    Students accepted into the program will also be placed into a random drug test pool in accordance with federal guidelines. At any time during the academic year, if there is reasonable suspicion, the student must submit a drug test to the student health center for testing before operating any equipment. A positive drug test will result in removal from the program for the remainder of the academic year. Tuition and fees are nonrefundable and the student may owe back financial aid. Students must apply for readmission into the program the following year.
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    Required Core - 33 Total Credits

    First Year - Fall Semester     (18) Credits
    Elementary Technical Writing  (2)
    Technical Mathematics  (3)
    Business Math  (3)
    Core Skills for Heavy Equipment Operation Lab  (1)
    Basic Constructions Safety  (1)
    Introduction to Hand and Power Tools  (1)
    Commercial Transportation Basics  (4)
    Commercial Transportation Basics Lab  (4)
    Oxy-Acetylene Welding  (2)
    First Year - Spring Semester     (15) Credits
    Heavy Equipment Operations I & Lab  (2,5)
    Electric Arc Welding  (2)
    Accounting Procedures I  (3)
    Communicating in a Dynamic Workplace  (2)
    Personal Finance  (3)
    EO 150P Internship  (3)
    Directed Elective  (3)
    There are 15 slots available each year for the Miles Community College Heavy Equipment program. Students must be accepted into the program through a selection process. The selection process is completed by June 30 prior to the fall semester of entrance. To be considered, applicants must have all admissions checklist items submitted prior to the June 30th deadline. To be accepted into the program, a student must be a U.S. or Canadian citizen and hold a drivers license in good standing with no restrictions. The Federal Motor Carriers Administration also requires that students complete a “pre-employment” drug screening. This must be completed prior to the June 30 selection deadline, at the student’s expense. Assuming that all checklist items and passing drug screening results have been received, students will be admitted based on earliest application date. Contact the admissions office for the complete student selection criteria.