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C. Meat Processing

C Meat Processing

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The program course requirements are presented in sequence. Part-time students and others who cannot follow this sequence should check course descriptions in the catalog to determine prerequisites and should consult their academic advisor regarding the order in which they take courses.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Cutting
  • Grinding, mixing, stuffing, linking sausage/curing of hams and bacons
  • Packaging and sanitation
  • Proper killing of an animal
  • Yield and quality grading
  • Personal safety/Plant safety
  • Meat cuts identification
  • Demonstrate Contextually Germane Communication Skills (Oral and Written)
  • Use mathematics in problem solving and communicate quantitative information effectively
Meat Processing

This one-year (29 credit) certificate program is designed to increase the skilled labor force for the meat processing businesses in Montana. The program design is unique as it allows students to network with meat processors in the state and provides hands-on learning critical for career and technical programs. The flexibility of the class offerings allows a student to create a program to meet their needs and lifestyle. This is an internship-based certificate. There are 4 internship levels that begin with basic training and safety requirements and culminate in advanced meat processing and cutting skills. The internships will take place in Montana Meat Processing plants; students will spend seven weeks at 3 to 4 different plants in an area learning from the professionals who understand the profession.

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Required Core - 29 Total Credits

Fall Semester     (12) Credits Credits Weeks
Communicating in a Dynamic Workplace  (2) 2 15 Weeks
Meat Processing Internship Level 1  (3) 3 First 8 weeks
Meat Processing I  (2) 2 Second 8 weeks
Food Safety and Handling in Meat Processing  (2) 2 Second 8 weeks
Meat Processing Internship Level 2  (4) 4 Second 8 weeks
Spring Semester     (17) Credits Credits Weeks
Discover Biology & Lab  (4) 3,1 15 Weeks
Meat Processing Internship Level 3  (3) 3 15 weeks
Meat Processing II  (2) 2 First 8 weeks
Business Math  (3) 3 15 weeks
Elementary Technical Writing  (2) 2 15 weeks
Meat Processing Internship Level 4  (3) 3 Second 8 weeks