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C.N.A. Preparation Course

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Miles Community College offers a four (4) credit Preparation Course which prepares a student to take the Headmaster certification exam. The CNA course consists of 45 hours of online instruction dedicated to theory, plus 30 additional hours are dedicated to clinical instruction. The CNA program requires 75 hours in total.

  • Currently enrolled degree-seeking students should contact their academic advisor and the CNA Program Coordinator for registration instructions.
  • If you are taking JUST the C.N.A course, complete the non-degree seeking application. Download the form, complete it and send it to
  • Check with the Nursing office for the course number and arrange for acquiring additional CNA materials. 406.874.6189
  • Student must visit with the CNA Program Coordinator and submit all materials below at least 2 weeks before they will be registered for the course.

What You Will Need

Background Checks: MCC uses Verified Credentials. The background check can be a lengthy process - start early! Cost is approx. $90.00 dollars. The CNA Program Coordinator will provide additional information.

Drug Screening: Instructions are given by CNA Program Coordinator. Drug screening cost is approx. $70.00 if done through approved MCC site. Prices will vary if student chooses a site of convenience

Provide a copy of your vaccination record to the CNA Program Coordinator including:

  • Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccinations: (2 doses)
  • 2-Step TB Skin test (TST)
  • Date of Tdap: <10 years
  • Varicella: (2 doses) or positive titer showing immunity.
  • Hepatitis B: Date of vaccination or declination statement.
  • Covid-19: Covid-19 vaccination OR exemption (forms available.
**Please compile the following documents and submit to the CNA Program Coordinator. Do not send items separately.

Additional Costs

Text Book: The text book for the preparation course is available in the MCC Pioneer Mercantile (book store). The cost of the book is approx. $80.00. Contact Michele Trimble at or 406.874.6207

Proctored Exam by Headmaster: $128.00

Estimated cost: $1,000.00. (Many health care facilities offer scholarships)

Additional Information

Non-Degree Application

The CNA Class is held 5 times a year. Twice during the Fall Semester and twice during the spring and once during the summer.

For more information about this course please contact:

Kim Helmts

Miles Community College subscribes to the philosophy of a comprehensive community college, including an “open door” admissions policy designed to encourage all adults to continue their education.

The commitment to an open door admissions policy is defined as providing all eligible students with access to an appropriate educational offering at the College. Anyone over the age of 18 is admitted to the College if they have a high school diploma, GED, or satisfactory ACCUPLACER scores; but the College reserves the right to guide students into the courses and programs that will enhance their opportunities for success.

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