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Living with Learning Disabilities

Here are some suggestions of things to do that may help anyone with a LD to improve on dealing with their learning and attention challenges:

  • Write everything down – my most important tool!
    • Class assignments
    • Extra-curricular activities
    • Daily chores
    • Errands
    • Dates
    • Goals
    • Dreams
  • Use a pocket calendar and wall calendar for:
    • Assignments
    • Tests
    • Dates
    • Sports events
    • Parties
  • Concentrate on the things you like:
    • Figure out what you are most interested in
    • Alternate between fun and work
    • Let your inspiration for your favorite activities help motivate you in your "work" work
    • Do several things simultaneously, alternate between them, some fun, some work
  • Perfect your computer skills:
    • Proofread to catch mistakes
    • Use spell check
    • Use the computer to write everything down or use a Palm Pilot
  • Finding a good place and atmosphere to study in:
    • Play cool background music
    • Take the phone off the hook
    • Go to the library, an empty classroom, or under a tree
    • Eliminate all distractions
  • Handle large assignments:
    • Break large assignments into small chunks
    • Take frequent, timed moving-around breaks
    • If you want, work on 4 or 5 assignments at once
  • Study tips:
    • Take notes instead of just reading
    • Invent your own abbreviations (such as esp for especially; imp for important, and info for information)
    • Tape record important information
    • Listen to the recording on a morning jog
    • Organize a study group before an exam or study with a partner
    • Prioritize your time – do the assignments you like the least … first
    • Avoid all-nighters by studying or writing every day
  • If you feel confused or overwhelmed:
    • Talk to teachers, parents, or trusted friends
    • Become your own best advocate
    • Identify and verbalize your strengths and problems
    • Learn from your mistakes * Don't be afraid to ask questions
    • Never give up hope of reaching your goal.
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