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Professional Development Classes

There are many computer, internet and personal enrichment classes offered at All courses are offered monthly and run for 6 weeks with 2 lessons per week. The classes are available 24 hours a day for 10 days after the release date. The cost of a one credit course is $166.50 for a Custer county resident and $204.50 for all other Montana residents. For out of state tuition costs, please contact the MCC Distance Education Program at (406) 874-6222.

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Below are the Ed2go computer classes which may be taken for professional development renewal credit. For more information please contact the MCC Distance Education Program at (406) 874-6222.

CE10013 - Creating Web Pages
CE10017 - Achieving Top Search Engine Position
CE10020 - Introduction to Visual Basic 6.0
CE10027 - The Classroom Computer
CE10044 - Integrating Technology in the K-5 Classroom
CE10046 - Teaching Science Grades 4-6
CE10048 - Differentiated Instruction in the Classroom
CE10049 - Teaching Math: Grades 4-6
CE10050 - Introduction To Microsoft Word 2007
CE10053 - Introduction To Microsoft Outlook 2007
CE10056 - Introduction To Microsoft Access 2007
CE10058 - Guided Reading - Strategies for the Differentiated Classroom
CE10059 - Microsoft Word 2007 in the Classroom
CE10060 - Working Successfully With Learning Disabled Students
CE10061 - Guided Reading and Writing - Strategies for Maximum Student Achievement
CE10062 - Microsoft Excel 2007 in the Classroom
CE10063 - Solving Classroom Discipline Problems II
CE10064 – Intermediate Microsoft Word 2007
CE10065 – Teaching Students with Autism
CE10067 – Technology in the Elementary Classroom
CE10068 – Advanced Microsoft Excel 2007
CE10070 - Intro to QuickBooks 2010
CE10071 - Writing Effective Grant Proposals
CE10072 - Performing in Payroll QuickBooks 2010
CE10074 -- Intermediate SQL
CE10075 -- Teaching Smarter with SMART Boards
CE10077 -- Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2010
CE10078 -- Introduction to Programming
CE10079 -- Solving Classroom Discipline Problems
CE10080 -- Introduction to Microsoft Word 2010
CE10081 -- Introduction to Photoshop CS5
CE10082 -- Introduction to InDesign CS5
CE10083 -- Writing for Children
CE10084 -- Differentiated Instruction and Response to Intervention
CE10085 -- Creating a Classroom Website
CE10086 -- Empowering Students with Disabilities
CE10087 -- Intermediate Microsoft Word 2010
CE10089 -- Introduction to Microsoft Access 2010
CE10090 -- Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 in the Classroom
CE10091 -- Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
CE10092 -- Teaching Students with ADHD
CE10093 – Intermediate Photoshop CS5
CE10094 – Integrating Technology in the Classroom
CE10095 – Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2010
CE10096 – Advanced Microsoft Excel 2010
CE 10097-- Introduction to Microsoft Publisher 2010
CE 10098 - Intro to QuickBooks 2013
CE 10099 - Performing Payroll in QuickBooks 2013
CE 10100 - Singapore Math Strategies
CE10101 – Creating the Inclusive Classroom: Strategies for Success
CE10102 – Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2007
CE10103 – Microsoft Word 2010 in the Classroom
CE10104 – Microsoft Excel 2010 in the Classroom
CE10105 – Response to Intervention – Reading Strategies that Work
CE10106 – Intermediate QuickBooks 2012
CE10107 – Introduction to QuickBooks 2011

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