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Emergency Procedures

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Violent or Criminal Behavior

You are primarily responsible for your own safety and security. You need to put forth an effort to make your surroundings as safe and secure as possible.


Call the Miles City Police Department at the number listed below or Emergency Services at 9+911 to report violent or criminal behavior.

If you’re a victim or witness to any on-campus offense: AVOID RISKS. Call as soon as possible and report the incident including the following information:

  1. Nature of the incident
  2. Location of the incident
  3. Description of person(s) involved
  4. Description of property involved
  5. Description and license of the offender’s vehicle

Should gunfire erupt or there is an explosion on campus, you should immediately take cover behind a solid object and remain in a prone position. After the disturbance, and only when you are sure you will be safe, leave the area and go to an assembly point to receive emergency first aid if necessary.