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Bomb Threat Procedures

Most bomb threats are received by telephone. Occasionally, a bomb might be placed without any notification.

Treat any bomb threat as valid and follow the procedures below.

  1. If you see a suspicious object or potential bomb, DON’T TOUCH THE OBJECT, CALL 9+911.
  2. If you receive a bomb threat by phone, do the following:
    1. Write down as much information as possible. If the caller will engage in conversation ask the following questions:
      1. When is the bomb going to explode?
      2. Where is the bomb located?
      3. What kind of bomb is it?
      4. What does it look like?
      5. Why did you place the bomb?
    2. Keep talking to the caller as long as possible, and record the following information:
      1. Time of call
      2. Age and sex of caller.
      3. Speech pattern, accent, possible nationality, or other information.
      4. Emotional state of the caller.
      5. Background noises.
    3. When the call ends, IMMEDIATELY CALL 9+911 TO REPORT THE INCIDENT
    4. Conduct a quick search of your office or classroom to check for any suspicious objects. DO NOT TOUCH ANY OBJECTS. Do not open drawers, cabinets, or turn lights on or off. Report the location of any suspicious objects to the Miles City Police Department. Do not discuss the threat with anyone other than police officers and members of the Leadership Team.
  3. After receiving notification of a potential bomb, the Miles City Police Department will conduct a systematic search of the building(s). Police officers will also interview the person who reported the potential threat for additional information.
  4. College Administrators will make a decision regarding evacuation of campus building(s). If told by a college administrator and/or Miles City Police Officer to evacuate, EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY.