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Emergency Procedures
Disruptive Students Emergency Procedures Homepage

All staff should be familiar with the “Student Policies and Procedures: Student Code of Conduct” published annually in the Student Handbook.

Definition: Disruptive behavior interferes with the instructional, administrative, and/or service of functions of the college.


  • Verbally threatening or abusing any person or persons.
  • Physically threatening or assaulting others.
  • Theft or damage to College property.
    Use, possession, and/or distribution of illegal or controlled substances on College grounds.
  • Interfering with the learning environments by disruptive behavior or incident expressions or conduct as defined by law.
  • Making inappropriate demands for time and attention from faculty and/or staff.

Removal of a disruptive student from College facilities:
An instructor may remove a disruptive student from the classroom by informing the student that a specific behavior is inappropriate and then requesting the student leave. If help is needed, the instructor should call Student Services. The instructor should then contact the Dean of Student Services to begin a formal discipline process by submitting a written summary of the infraction. The Dean of Student Services will determine if the student is allowed to return to class.


If the safety of the student or others is jeopardized, the Dean of Student Services may summarily suspend the student until the situation is fully investigated. After the investigation, the Dean of Student Services may recommend extending the suspension or expulsion to the President.

Recommended Procedure:

  1. Take the student aside and describe the inappropriate behavior. Be specific, and tell him/her the behavior must stop. If the behavior does not stop, the student should be asked to leave (by the instructor of the classroom; by an administrator if elsewhere on campus).
  2. Immediately write an anecdotal description including date, time, specific description of the behavior, and your conversation with the student. This documentation is necessary should the behavior continue and disciplinary action be needed.

If at any time you fear for your personal safety or that a situation may become unsafe, remove yourself and any others who may be in danger and contact 9+911.