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Program Guide

A.A. General Studies

A.A. General Studies

Why Associate of Arts?

The Associate of Arts Degree program is designed for students who expect to complete a degree at a four-year institution in such areas as art, education, English, history, journalism, library science, pre-law, psychology, sociology, and speech. The credits obtained through the Associate of Arts or Associate of Science programs transfer seamlessly as a block to meet the lower level general education core requirements at colleges within the Montana University System, as well as colleges throughout the United States. Students should consult the catalog of the institution to which they expect to transfer and select appropriate courses in consultation with their advisor.

Upon completion of this program graduates will be able to demonstrate:

  • The ability to read, write, listen, and speak effectively;
  • Knowledge and understanding of the human cultural traditions as expressed in art, music, theater, language, literature, philosophy, or religion;
  • The ability to apply mathematical principles and to communicate quantitative information effectively;
  • The knowledge and application of scientific principles, methodology, terminology, questioning, and reasoning;
  • The ability to understand, interpret, and analyze human behaviors within the context of history and the social sciences;
  • The knowledge of and the ability to use technology in today’s computing environment.

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Required Core - 60 Total Credits

  First Year - Fall Semester     14 Credits Credits
College Writing I3
Introduction to College Studies2
M/STATMathematics Core Requirement3
Oral Communications Core Requirement3
Humanities Core Requirement3
  First Year - Spring Semester     14 Credits Credits
WRITWritten Communications Core Requirement3
Introduction to Information Literacy2
Humanities Core Requirement3
Science Core Requirement3
Social Science Core Requirement3
  Second Year - Fall Semester     16 Credits Credits
Social Science Core Requirement3
Science Core Requirement3
Introduction to Computers1
Introduction to Computer Applications2
Directed Elective Humanities Core Requirement3
  Second Year - Spring Semester     16 Credits Credits
Directed Elective Social Science Core Requirement3

Please refer to the the Current Catalog for specific program details.