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Program Guide

A.S. Allied Health

A.S. Allied Health

Why Allied Health?

This program provides a course of study for those students interested in careers in a variety of health care professions. This option is designed for highly motivated students who have a strong interest ingraduate training beyond a bachelor's degree or in health-related professional studies such as Physical or Occupational Therapy, Exercise Science, Athletic Training, Pharmacy, or Medicine. As undergraduate degree and professional program admissions requirements vary, students should work closely with their academic advisor to select electives or request substitutions where appropriate. Students are strongly encouraged to identify a program and transfer school of interest early in their academic career to better inform the advising, course selection and transfer process. Students should consult the catalog of the institution to which they expect to transfer and select appropriate courses in consultation with their advisor.

Upon completion of this program students will:

  • Be prepared to transfer into a variety of undergraduate majors in preparation for graduate study in health-related programs;
  • Obtain a strong science background in chemistry, human biology, and physics;
  • Complete a comprehensive general education core background for transfer to a four-year degree program;
  • Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.

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Required Core - 60(62) Total Credits

  First Year - Fall Semester     17(16) Credits Credits
College Writing I3
College Chemistry I3
College Chemistry I Lab1
College Algebra4
College Math for Healthcare(3)
Introduction to College Studies2
Introduction to Information Literacy(2)
  First Year - Spring Semester     16(17) Credits Credits
Introduction to Public Speaking3
College Writing II3
Intro to Technical Writing(3)
Intro to Psychology3
College Chemistry II3
College Chemistry II Lab1
Introduction to Statistics3
Survey of Calculus(4)
  Second Year - Fall Semester     14 Credits Credits
Human Anatomy & Physiology I (equiv to 301)3
Human Anatomy & Physiology I Lab1
Introduction to Ethics: Problems of Good and Evil3
Introduction to Philosophy & Biomedical Ethics(3)
Introduction to Computers1
Introduction to Computer Applications2
  Second Year - Spring Semester     14 Credits Credits
Human Anatomy & Physiology II (equiv to 311)3
Human Anatomy & Physiology II Lab1
Humanities Core Requirement3
Social Science Core Requirement3

Please refer to the the Current Catalog for specific program details.