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A.S. Medical Laboratory Technician

A.S. Medical Laboratory Technician

Why Medical Laboratory Technician?

The mission of the Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) program is to provide a high quality, learning-centered education in medical laboratory theory and practice that maximizes student learning and makes students partners in their education. Medical laboratory technicians, under supervision of a physician or medical laboratory scientist, perform general laboratory tests that aid physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. The curriculum allows a student to meet employment and transferability goals. Students receive both theoretical and experiential study, including an internship through clinical affiliate Holy Rosary Healthcare in Miles City, MT. Students should consult the catalog of the institution to which they expect to transfer and select appropriate courses in consultation with their advisor.

Goals of the Medical Laboratory Technician program are to:

  • Train competent MLTs with the knowledge and skills necessary for entry-level proficiency in all areas of medical laboratory science.
  • Provide a two-year associate degree program for students in the region.
  • Operate a program in which a maximum number of credits will fulfill requirements for four-year Medical Laboratory Science programs in the region.

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Required Core - 91(92) Total Credits

  First Year - Fall Semester     16 Credits Credits
College Algebra4
College Writing I3
Intro to Psychology3
Intro to General Chemistry3
Intro to General Chemistry Lab1
  First Year - Spring Semester     16(17) Credits Credits
Human Anatomy & Physiology I (equiv to 301)3
Human Anatomy & Physiology I Lab1
Intro to Business Writing3
Humanities Core Requirement3
Social Science Core Requirement3
Intro to Organic & Biochemistry3
Intro to Organic & Biochemistry Lab1
Introduction to Computers(1)
Introduction to Computer Applications(2)
  Summer Semester     14 Credits Credits
Introduction to Public Speaking3
Microbiology for Health Sciences3
Microbiology for Health Sciences Lab1
Human Anatomy & Physiology II (equiv to 311)3
Human Anatomy & Physiology II Lab1
Humanities Core Requirement3
  Second Year - Fall Semester     15 Credits Credits
Introduction to Medical Laboratory Science *1
Immunology and Molecular Diagnostics *2
Immunology and Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory *1
Clinical Chemistry *2
Clinical Chemistry Laboratory *1
Clinical Parasitology and Mycology *1
Clinical Parasitology and Mycology Laboratory *1
Urinalysis and Body Fluids *1
Urinalysis and Body Fluids Laboratory *1
Phlebotomy Fundamentals3
Phlebotomy Fundamentals Lab1
  Second Year - Spring Semester     15 Credits Credits
Hematology and Hemostasis *3
Hematology and Hemostasis Laboratory *1
Immunohematology *3
Immunohematology Laboratory *1
Clinical Microbiology *2
Clinical Microbiology Laboratory *2
Phlebotomy Internship3
  Summer Semester     3 Credits Credits
Clinical Internship I *1
Clinical Internship II *2
  Third Year - Fall Semester     12 Credits Credits
Clinical Internship III *12

* Bismarck State College Course

Please refer to the the Current Catalog for specific program details.